A new look for new products

Screen Shot 2011-09-10 at 5.19.30 PMOur rolling redesign is continuing a-pace with new sections and layouts
such as
- Internet on my tablet
- Business plans
- Business smart plans
- Personal plans
- Personal smart plans
- Personal iPhone
- Business iPhone
- Personal mobile broadband

So, it’s been pretty busy but I’m really keen to garner some feedback as the stats look good, the heatmaps look good but the proof is always in the puddings.

On Twitter, I post about some of the design work we’re doing, so you can always drop me a message @mh_vf_mh

So, that’s whole pages but also within all of those pages we’re developing new elements. The most prominent element is what we call an A Space, or Action Space.

This is an A Space on the homepage

A Space on Vodafone homepage

A Space on Vodafone homepage

This is an A Space on the Entertainment page
Screen Shot 2011-09-10 at 5.01.03 PM

The idea is to give our customers an interactive space, rather than a plain banner, where they can make choices about a product or service (or vote in the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards). The aim being customers gets to what they want faster and in fewer clicks and so far that certainly seems to be going to plan.

Throughout the site the aim is to cut the text, make things simpler, clearer and also bring everything into one place. For example, BestMates on Supa Prepay now has information, direct links to buy, important things to know as well as Terms and Conditions, which used to be in separate places. So, fewer clicks but more compact pages by using accordians to show the information (i.e. T&Cs) if you want to read them but they’re out of the way if you don’t.

As I mentioned above, we’re looking to make things simpler and clearer and the design is only one part of that. The other is is the text itself and so everytime we rebuild/redesign a page we also rewrite/edit.

It’s been a really busy time and we’re pretty pleased with where things are going. There’s a lot more to do, so leave a comment or two to let me know what you like, don’t like or would like. Always open to feedback, so post here or tweet me, look forward to hearing from you.


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  1. Plain and simple: Google Analytics are confusing and SeeVolution is not. I am more of a visual person and hate math. If you feel the same get . Tell them Barry sent you.

    • Paulo says:

      Yeah, I’m on the verge of making the call beeewtn sticking with Vodafone or jumping ship to XT. I liked being able to tether when they were throwing in a decent amount of data behind it but the speeds are slow it’s not worth paying for. I’ll be making my decision in the next couple of weeks now that the extended data is up and they’ll probably start charging another ridiculous addon fee.(moviemichael has made 59 comments)

  2. Sonam says:

    I’d vaguely cienodsr going with Vodafone on these plans as it looks like the 32GB iPhone 4 is about $100 cheaper than the 3GS at its launch. If VF’s network didn’t perform as well ad XT then I’d cancel out. I’ll wait and see how stocks hold out or whether there’s a sellout and weeks long wait for more.(ALFA has made 25 comments)

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